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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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Mesquite on West Texas Juniper   21" H          Photo by Mel Schockner   



Facing the Wind


Facing the Wind

Dreams are built by wisdom,
tenacity and grit,
hope, hard work and faith,
all play a part in it.

These tools a gift from God,
each to aid us in our task,
His hand more clearly seen,
as for His help we ask.

One tool is called tenacity,
the ability to stay,
upon the course you've started,
until that dream comes true someday.

Illustrated by the wind
or a grizzly stalking prey,
tenacity just won't let up
or be held at bay.

So when the dream is realized,
as it stares you in the face
acknowledge it was really built,
by God, through His grace.

Then you'll possess eternal treasures,
as all is given back to Him,
in thanksgiving for the dream,
and for that strength He placed within.

J Christopher White

" For the dream comes through much effort..."

Ecclesiastes 5:3

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