Upward Call
Many dreams and great accomplishments
lie behind and fill your view,
yet more important is the reason
behind the things you do.
For in this world of relativity
life defaults to mere activity,
when our goals exclude eternity,
we get ensnared in temporality.
The strength we need to stand,
the wings we need to fly,
are given as we focus
on why Jesus chose to die.
When He suffered pain unmeasured
there was one thing in His view,
the joy then set before Him,
was a single person, you.
His goal was that we know Him,
let Him grip you with that fact,
and to know Him in return
be the reason that you act.
So, press on towards His goal for you,
the upward call, the prize,
seek always to fly close to Him,
and your dreams you'll realize.

J. Christopher White