There For Me(from Cadet to Sponsor)
You made the time and gave a place,
where I could breathe at a slower pace,
a refuge filled with the air of home,
when among the ranks, I felt alone.
You let me know by being there,
that very close was one who cared,
a reaching hand, there "just in case",
offering a warm embrace.
I appreciate your open heart
for allowing me to be a part,
of a family who took me in,
treated me as their own kin.
I thank you for your gifts today
you made a difference in my stay,
in part, I now fly in The Blue
on wings I gained
through knowing you.
'Though time may try to fray the bonds
it is my prayer that they stay strong,
that distance cannot ever fade
my gratitude for all you gave.

J. Christopher White