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Master Sculptor

J Christopher White's




Twelve sculptures, including inspirational poetry for

each one composed by the artist in a

 12" x 24" wall calendar for

year long enjoyment.


...impeccably photographed, masterfully carved sculptures

from thousand year old rare juniper wood...



"Apathy's Grip"


Apathy, apathy,
itís really there,
the more I have,
the less I care...



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25 - 4 9 $8.00
50 - 99


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"Shared Wings"


The synergy of union,

two flesh joined into one

has brought us each much further than where we had begun...




"Crowing from Cover"


...Under the cover of opinion

a message fails to clear

the realm of explanation,

canít reach the heart of those who hear.



 "The Rest Within The Running"


There is a rest within the running,

a place where worries cease,

an assurance of provision,

of strength and hope and peace...



"Fatal Assumption"


...Assuming because
we canít see a foe,
that now we are good
to come out and to go.


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