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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner



All rights reserved. 

The pictures and poetry in this sight are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  The pictures and poetry may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit.  Short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged.  Permission will be granted upon request.

 West Texas juniper and mesquite - H 10" - 1984

Photo by Mel Schockner


Diamond Dipped in Clay


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I took a precious diamond

and dipped it in the clay,

knowing yet not knowing

I'd regret the act someday;

for alas the world has told me,

"this is all the jewel is for;

sure the clay looks dirty,

but you have to try the door."


Pleasure's for a season,

grief lasts on and on,

guilt mixed with delusion,

the purity is gone;

a jewel so bright and precious,

a priceless gift from God,

 as the clay lay drying

became an earthen clod.


The value of a clump of soil

can be squandered in a thought,

and so I tossed the jewel around

it's beauty I forgot;

'til light shone in my darkness,

death's lies began to fade;

the clay was chipped, a sparkle flew,

I saw the error I'd made.


I sought at once to cleanse the mess

my life had so become;

the Lord showed me the good, the bad,

the beauty from the scum.

At last the job neared completion

through a power not my own;

I wept at wasted year's of dirt

as the diamond brightly shone.


Copyright 2020 - J. Christopher White - All Rights Reserved