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Mel Schockner



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The same canyon lands of northwest Texas where Chris harvests the juniper wood for his sculptures also contain many square miles of alabaster deposits.  The unusual water carved texture, lends itself to Chris' signature style of movement as well as leaving a portion of the sculpture in it's naturally weathered state.  The caves containing the alabaster were formed by water from violent down pours during thunderstorms.  The rain water carves ravines in the soil of the canyons and then bores through the alabaster layer of multi colored caverns eventually exiting in the Red River Valley. 

Chris' son Brent often accompanies him on trips to explore the alabaster caves and help collect the multi colored stone.  However, he seems to take more delight in collecting lizards and exploring the bats that hang from the cave ceilings.

The alabaster stone that Chris is currently working has hues of color in the salmon to red range with occassional hints of a blueberry tone.  He will be featuring several unique sculptures for sale on the site as soon as they are finished.  If you'd like to be notified when they are ready or would just like  more information about alabaster sculptures please use the contact Chris page to give Chris your e-mail address and ask him to contact you.

 In the near future Chris will be expanding this site to include a mini gallery of unique alabaster sculptures including the poems that he writes for each piece.

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