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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner



All rights reserved. 

The pictures and poetry in this sight are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  The pictures and poetry may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit.  Short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged.  Permission will be granted upon request.

West Texas juniper and mesquite - H14"-1980

Photo Mel Schockner

Doubter's Web


Of all things from the devil

doubt's by far the worst,

for it steals away your faith,

the thing you must have first


to combat all forms of evil

and defeat them in Christ's name:

doubt can make believing

a long and fruitless game.


Many people have strong faith,

at least that's what they say,

but they wait to act upon it,

'till they find a better day.


If you don't act, you don't believe,

or else you'd have no fear

to do the things the Bible says

today and not next year.


So reach up for the Kingdom,

watch your efforts wane and ebb,

until you act upon the Word

and escape the doubter's web.


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