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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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West Texas rippled curly juniper on mesquite - H 15"

Gripped by Desire




I must possess, I must obtain,

on this simple lure, I set my claim.

'Though it eludes my stealthy grip,

my eyes are fixed, I will not slip.

When all around needs go unmet

still I pursue, my heart is set.

Then all at once, it seems to me

this thing won't catch, nor let me free,

This attitude of "I'll have it yet"

has flipped around, now I'm in the net.


There is a name, for this certain must,

if I want it now, it's defined as lust.

It can't deliver it's promised load,

but ensnares the soul with a vicious goad.

"Til at last that soul cries out in pain,

and seeks it's freedom to regain.

The key that unlocks this attitude

is the mighty sword called gratitude,

that cuts the net and frees the mind

to rest in God and true fullfillment find.


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