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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner



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West Texas juniper - H 80" W 56" D32"


the first nine notes of Beethoven's Ode to Joy...

Rushing Wind (Ode To Joy)

This sculpture is "For Sale"


This is a sculpture of music made visible. Fluid movements, spirals and twists form the five lines of the musical score. The nine notes suspended upon the lines of the score are those of the famous passage of Beethoven's ninth symphony, "Ode To Joy". This 80" sculpture is carved from an ancient juniper tree found hanging on the crumbling remains of a lone limestone butte in a remote corner of the Texas Panhandle. This remnant of a mesa overlooks the confluence of Tule Creek and Palo Duro Canyon, one of the battle sites of the Comanches and Colonel Ronald S. McKenzie.

Years of fierce southwesterly winds have shaped and molded this tree into a massive medley of fluid waves and twists. The twists and flowing lines no longer simply evidencing the ten centuries of howling winds but now conveying a beloved melody. A person who reads music can easily identify the tune. Others may notice the latter notes taking on human form as they tumble downward. The contrast between weathered wood and rich hand polish, plays on the imagination much like music playing on the heart. This sculpture would also be a great addition to any corporate collection, it has proved to be a real "crowd stopper" at shows, evoking deep emotion and great interest from the viewers.


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