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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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West Texas juniper on mesquite - H 12" - 1998

Photo by Mel Schockner


Refracted Light


The grain of the wood that you see in this sculpture is very rare.  When highly polished it gives the impression of how light

refracts underwater simulated by

the extremely rare grain.




Down below the waters green

a different form of light is seen,

Bent, refracted, not as bright,

yet still in contrast to the night.


Just as apt to show the Way

to those who swim in light of day.

Yet eyes closed tight or else blind

don't use the light their way to find,


and wander in their world of cares,

falling into endless snares.


Faith in Jesus opens eyes,

truth frees us from wordly lies,

And guides us to our purpose of

eternal basking in His love.


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