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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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West Texas juniper on black mesquite - H 36", W 43"- 1981

Photo by Mel Schockner


The Revelation


This sculpture depicts the HolyTrinity.  The Father is represented as the "shekinah" glory radiating out from the center.  Jesus' face is in the center.  The Holy Spirit is depicted as a Dove. The beak can be scene in the beard

flowing back into the wings.

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Way back in the beginning

when as yet there was no stage,

a plan was set in motion

by our God so very sage.

A being was designed

who could understand this plan,

so, in the light of revelation,

God created man.


Deep within this triune being

God formed eyes to comprehend

the nature of man's Maker

a love that will never end.


But the light seemed quickly darkened

when man chose to close his eyes,

by seeking to be sovereign,

thus to die in darkness lies.


Yet God's love was clearly stated

when He sent His only Son,

to deliver us from darkness

through a battle that He won,

by pouring out His life

with nothing more to gain,

than the hearts of those who killed Him,

that they may know His love again.



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