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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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West Texas Juniper on mesquite base  H 35" -  2007

Photo by Mel Schockner

Straight Paths

Straight Paths


The path on which we travel

determines where we go,

but where a way does truly lead,

how can a person know.


Every path has a start,

the journey, and an end,

a good path should have guideposts

on which we can depend.


Guideposts require faith

that what they’re telling us is true,

and they should correspond with,

our map, or our world view.


A straight path should heal what is lame,

not make the matter worse,

for a straight path is marked by discipline

and is not a simple course.


Without a goal to spur us on

the voice of discipline grows faint,

yet, as eyes are fixed upon the goal,

we value discipline’s restraints.


Especially if the goal

is to know and serve the King,

then with the path, He sets you on,

He also gives you wings.

J Christopher White

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