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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner



All rights reserved. 

The pictures and poetry in this sight are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.  The pictures and poetry may not be copied or reprinted for commercial gain or profit.  Short quotations or occasional page copying for personal or group study is permitted and encouraged.  Permission will be granted upon request.

Wings Gallery - click on any Picture to enlarge

"His birds swirl, rise and take wing on silent unseen currents,

supported only by thin spirals of wood that touch them lightly and evaporate in thin air." (2)

Our Wings His Gifts


Second Chance

Stand Fast

Beyond the Storm

Single Vision

Designed to Shine

Purpose of the Wings

Babel's Folly

Quintessence Of Flight

Priceless Wings

In Turn

Grace Extended

Polly is a Christian

Purpose of the Wings

Bronzewood meld

Mid Stream Reflection

Under Cover


Bronzewood meld

Rest Assured

Trail of Glory

Way of Peace

In Harmony with Beauty

Bank In the Wind

Determined 2

Straight Paths


Solo Note

Like A Dove

Eyes to See

Melody of Flight

Subtle Approach

Family Circle

Sky Dance

On Stronger Wings

High Note

Determined 9

Into The Fray

Crowing From Cover

Free Indeed

Fatal Assumption

Banking In The Wind

Shared Wings

Defined By Grace

LIght Of Understanding


Upward Call

Cutting Edge

   Majesty On High 2


Top Of The Dance

For Who You Are

Majesty On High 3

Majesty On High 4

Yielding Right


Parables in Wood Click on this link to find out about Chris' book. It features 116 pages, more than 80 color photographs of 51 works of art by J. Christopher White, including poetry and personal testimonies by the artist. Visit the other Galleries

(2) Review of John's Book, "Parables", by Vic Hamburger, Woodcarver magazine,

April 2001

Copyright 2020 - J. Christopher White - All Rights Reserved