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Newsletter, March 2016


March 4, 2016

Greetings from Colorado!

If any of you have been wondering what happened to old man winter this year, I believe I can help you find him, he�s been hanging out in Colorado; more specifically, Loveland. By my reckoning it�s been a cold snowy winter; but I�m not fond of the cold, so I�m a poor judge of such things. I am certain spring will come and I�ll get to work outside again.

I had several commissions to finish and deliver for Christmas, so that kept me busy after Sculpture in the Park and the Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, Wyoming. However, I still found time to produce our second and third �Collectible Series� pieces, �Determined� (falcon) and �Above the Thunder� (horse).

So far the miniature sculptures have been very well received, so we are looking at doing three new ones in 2016.

We currently have a few of them in stock if you are interested in purchasing one.

Right now I am working on a Bronzewood meld eagle, �Majesty on High� and just got a new full sized �Determined�, falcon, meld ready for the foundry.

I have also been working on my main piece for the Cody show, an exercise in movement. The sculpture began with a spiraling ribbon of Juniper from one of the best trees I have found in years. It is now three barn swallows, two diverging out of a downward swoop and one emerging upward from the center of the spiral. The juniper is suspended on a black Mesquite base. The title is �Unsung Heroes�.
I have also just begun two pieces involving hands, both are out of a magnificent Mesquite burl, pure bird�s eye. I can�t wait to see them finished.

There is still room for students in this year�s scheduled classes:

           April 18-22 - Loveland, CO
           August 22-26 � Raleigh, NC
           September 12-16 � Loveland, CO
           October 3-7 � Williamsburg, VA

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the classes, send in your $100 deposit and reserve your spot. My classes are limited to 4-8 students.

Thank you for your interest in my work, I truly appreciate it.


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