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Photo Credit:

Mel Schockner


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West Texas Juniper on mesquite base    14"H 16"W 8"D 

Photo by Mel Schockner

Melody Of Flight

Melody of Flight

Incredible to watch,
a swallow on the wing,
its movements form a melody
one could almost sing.
The harmonies it displays
between muscle, wind, and mind,
illustrate upon the air,
Truth of another kind.

There are laws and forces we can't see
all around us day and night,
most folks ignore the evidence,
choosing darkness over light.
Just as a bird with broken wings
cannot soar across the sky,
there's no way past the fact,
“if you sin, you'll surely die.”

Yet, Jesus took our broken wings
with Him to the tree,
Now, the law of life, in Jesus Christ,
from death has set us free.

               Copyright MSL Web Design 2015  All Rights Reserved