Newsletter, December 2007


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....."Perfection of beauty
completion of his kind,
within the subsequent reunion,
humanity defined ".....


My 2007 classes here in Loveland were a lot of fun, several beautiful sculptures came out of the classes, but more importantly, I am convinced that the students went home much better equipped to incorporate movement into their sculptures. I have been getting some really great progress reports from students lately. These reports include lots of first place awards and even a "Best of Show." Really, I don't want to take away from their well earned accomplishments by calling them "my" students. Their hard work and diligent application of simple principals of movement, mixed well with their other skills and talents to produce some extraordinary sculptures. Although, I will add, the fact that several students talked their way into my private stock of wood, didn't hurt the quality of their pieces.
I have already had three students sign up for a 2008 class, I think it is my beautiful wife's delicious healthy meals that keeps them coming back, or it could be the gorgeous Colorado scenery and weather.

I just finished one of the biggest undertakings I have done in years, the sculpture entitled "Completion"      (shown right).  It depicts two life sized otters working together to catch a fish. The piece stands over eight feet on its alabaster base, and originally weighed close to three hundred pounds, it now weighs in at about fifty. I had the wood for over twelve years, and was blessed this fall with a commission that allowed me to spend the time to make something that big and complex. Most of my other major pieces of 2007 are in my 2008 calendar, this one will be featured in my 2009 calendar.

My family and I will be going on a real vacation to Costa Rica this winter. I am purposely not taking any tools, so I won't be tempted to cut down any rain forests. I will be taking a couple of cameras and a lot of pictures. Who knows, I might be carving a two toed sloth this spring, (let's hope not) Actually, I do have lots of ideas and great wood to work with, and look forward to a productive winter upon my return. I'll keep you posted on what's coming.

Thank you for your continued interest in my work.

Have a blessed Christmas this year, and may you clearly focus, this season, on the One that Christmas is all about, the Creator of all, Jesus Christ.

J. Christopher White