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Newsletter, January 2015


I guess it has been too long since I sent out a newsletter, I have had people inquiring if I am alright or if I have had serious health issues. The answer is yes, on both counts. I am alright, but I have had a serious case of TB-TWO, or "too busy to write one."

We have had a hectic 2014, mostly a mixture of travel, teaching, shows and sculpting. To quote a farmer friend back in Texas, "We had a really good crop this year, but a crop like that is mighty hard on the soil."

As for our planned 2015 calendar, due to the convergence of sculpture deadlines, a family trip to visit our son in Okinawa and a six page article in Art of the West magazine, Jan-Feb issue, I developed a case of TB-TPOT, "too busy to put one together." My apologies for that, we felt the sting of having to "buy" a calendar for the first time in over a decade. If you happen to have a 2009 calendar, the days and dates are the same as 2015. Sadly, we are completely out of stock for that particular year. We will, Lord willing, get the 2016 calendar up and going early.

I am planning on teaching late April and mid-June classes here in Colorado, as well as an early October class in WIlliamsburg, VA. My fall class here in Loveland will be the second week of September. I usually schedule it to be the last week of September in hopes of having better weather. I tried that with my 2014 September class and hit two days of cold, misty rain (the last week of September was gorgeous). Such is Colorado weather, as I tell my students, "bring shorts and a parka, expect to wear both."

We have put some new sculptures on the Works in Progress  page of the website and have purposed to keep that page more current. Also, last June I harvested an exceedingly rare find, some of the curly Juniper, or what I call "ripple wood." Over the forty years that I have been hunting this elusive grain pattern, I have found one trunk, two stumps and a handful of fragments. This year I found an entire tree (well, most of a tree). The tree had been dead for a very long time, but still had some solid areas. If anyone is interested, this wood makes beautiful underwater subjects. Check out the Other Worlds page of the Sculpture Gallery on my website for examples of sculptures done in that wood. And keep an eye on the Works in Progress and Works for Sale pages as well.

I will try and keep the TB-TWO in check and get a Spring newsletter to you. Thanks again for your interest in me and my work.

Have a blessed New Year,
J. Christopher White 

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