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     In January I had the privilege of being an invited artist to the the Coors Western Art Show in Denver,Colorado. This was held in conjunction with the annual National Western Stock Show.  I showed three pieces and besides meeting lots of fine folks I'm happy to report that I received a second place people's choice award for "Eternal Gain".  As a result of someone seeing my work at this January show I was invited to be a featured artist in Longmont, Colorado at the New Creation art show being held on March 23rd. One of the sculptures that I will be showing is "Rushing Wind" which I have recently put on a new base of mesquite burl. The carved base features a violin and piano keys emerging out of the base and flowing up to the musical score.

     Here's a brief update on some new pieces that I have recently finished and also some upcoming pieces that I'm working on.  I have completed several new  "Bronzewoods" .  This is a completely new medium that I am developing that I don't believe has ever been done before.  People that have seen it are fascinated and it's rare that they can pick out the transition point of the bronze and juniper mingled together. I have just finished a "Bronzewood Determined 2" peregrin falcon as a follow up to last summer's premier sculpture in this series. I have also done "Bronzewood Purpose of the Wings1" and "Bronzewood Purpose of the Wings 2" which are both eagles.

     Because of the interest and success of the Bronzewood series I have also cast two crosses in bronze, "Bronzewood Victory Tune Hanging"  and "Bronzewood Victory Tune Standing". These are convincing bronze castings of my juniper and mesquite crosses in 100 % bronze.  Many people could not tell which cross was wood and which was bronze after seeing them side by side.

    I�m also excited about some crystalline alabaster that I found. When the piece is finished it looks like ice and mother-of-pearl. It is really tricky to carve, but it is worth the effort. I�m doing a horse�s head that is 6" tall on mesquite. It is a wall mounted piece and it is coming out well. I�ve also begun a commission of an angel that is 18" tall that is a mixture of pure crystalline and bone colored matrix streaked with crystal and orange. I can�t wait to see it finished! 

     Except for the World Wildfowl Carving Show in Ocean City, Maryland during the last weekend in April and a time of teaching at Pam and Jim Krausmann�s at Gwinn, Michigan in late August I will be staying around Colorado this year.

    I have just posted a new article in the Carver�s Corner area of the website on "Creating Movement in Wood". This is an in depth look at lines and planes and getting them to work for you in a sculpture. It includes the outline which is the same one I use when I teach the class. I think you'll enjoy it

     Be sure to check out the website for our new 2003 calendar if you haven't already done so. The "Bronzewood" crosses that I mentioned above are available for sale on the "Works For Sale" page along with some other new pieces like "The Guardian".

     For my friends in Texas, I will be speaking at Graceview Baptist Church in Tomball, Texas on April 6th and will have a stopover in Dallas prior to speaking in Tomball.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

May God bless you,


J. Christopher White

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